If you want to know how to install a TV into your travel trailer then this guide should be the one you follow. Note that your TV should be actually removable that allows you to store it when you tow the trailer. Now let’s see how to attach tv mount to the RV wall.

So, how to mount a tv in an RV?

So, in order to begin attaching a tv mount on the RV wall, you will need a portable travel RV TV mount with a locking articulating arm.

attach a tv mount on an rv wall

Generally, trailer TV mount kit comes with a removable articulating arm, a TV back mounting place, two wall brackets, screws to join the mounting plate to the TV, some screws, and as well as 2 wrenches.

In addition, for RV tv installation, you need to have a drill, screwdriver tape measure, stud finder tape, and a pencil nearby.

How to Attach a TV Mount on RV Wall?

 Before starting the process, you need to make sure that you have purchased the right size TV back mounting plate. This is very essential since it could lead to difficulties in later steps.

Your manufacturer has probably considered an area from the ceiling to the top of the window which you can find using the stud finder. This area will be used to mount the bracket. The next step is marking out the edges as well as the center of the stud by using painters tape over the stud.

You should need to use a tape measure to determine the length to the center of the stud if your trailer is not level while attaching the tv mount on the RV wall.

With the measurement you have, put a second mark below the tape and draw a line among the two which should provide you with the centerline for the wall bracket.

If you don’t know the height of the bracket, you need to get the mount installed on the TV. This will ensure that you can remove the TV when the wall bracket is attached.

Determine the required height for the bracket. Later, get the holes drilled to fix the screws. If you have purchased the proper size of screws that fit with the size of the wall, you should have no issues.

After drilling two pilot holes for the screws you have into the stud, use a spacer on the drill so that you don’t drill completely through the wall of the trailer. The spacer should allow you to drill 1 3/8 inch into the stud.

Once all prepared, you need to keep screwing the bracket to the wall loosely since over tightening with a drill can strip the hole. You can later finish firmly tighten the bracket using a screwdriver.

How To Use Tv Backer In Rv

Your TV backer must be a hard piece of wood with measurements of 2×6 or 2×8. You may, in fact, need to have an electronic stud finder in order to find out the edges.

We suggest you first calculate the mounting bolts that come with the kit you purchase before doing any installation. In general, those kits are considered for a wall that has a 4″ thickness.

Also, when you install a tv backer it does not necessarily mean that it has to be in the middle. It can either be at the very top of the backer. You should pay attention to limit the screw length to 1 1/2″, and not more.

Furthermore, keep in mind to check for the dimensions and the bolt pattern on the back of your TV, since depending on its size the measurements will vary.

Mounting Tv In Jayco Travel Trailer

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