If you want to know how to install a TV into your travel trailer then this guide should be the one you follow. Note that your TV should be actually removable that allows you to store it when you tow the trailer. Now let’s see how to attach tv mount to the RV wall.

So, how to mount a tv in an RV?

So, in order to begin attaching a tv mount on the RV wall, you will need a portable travel RV TV mount with a locking articulating arm.

attach a tv mount on an rv wall

Generally, trailer TV mount kit comes with a removable articulating arm, a TV back mounting place, two wall brackets, screws to join the mounting plate to the TV, some screws, and as well as 2 wrenches.

In addition, for RV tv installation, you need to have a drill, screwdriver tape measure, stud finder tape, and a pencil nearby.

How to Attach a TV Mount on RV Wall?

 Before starting the process, you need to make sure that you have purchased the right size TV back mounting plate. This is very essential since it could lead to difficulties in later steps.

Your manufacturer has probably considered an area from the ceiling to the top of the window which you can find using the stud finder. This area will be used to mount the bracket. The next step is marking out the edges as well as the center of the stud by using painters tape over the stud.

You should need to use a tape measure to determine the length to the center of the stud if your trailer is not level while attaching the tv mount on the RV wall.

With the measurement you have, put a second mark below the tape and draw a line among the two which should provide you with the centerline for the wall bracket.

If you don’t know the height of the bracket, you need to get the mount installed on the TV. This will ensure that you can remove the TV when the wall bracket is attached.

Determine the required height for the bracket. Later, get the holes drilled to fix the screws. If you have purchased the proper size of screws that fit with the size of the wall, you should have no issues.

After drilling two pilot holes for the screws you have into the stud, use a spacer on the drill so that you don’t drill completely through the wall of the trailer. The spacer should allow you to drill 1 3/8 inch into the stud.

Once all prepared, you need to keep screwing the bracket to the wall loosely since over tightening with a drill can strip the hole. You can later finish firmly tighten the bracket using a screwdriver.

How To Use Tv Backer In Rv

Your TV backer must be a hard piece of wood with measurements of 2×6 or 2×8. You may, in fact, need to have an electronic stud finder in order to find out the edges.

We suggest you first calculate the mounting bolts that come with the kit you purchase before doing any installation. In general, those kits are considered for a wall that has a 4″ thickness.

Also, when you install a tv backer it does not necessarily mean that it has to be in the middle. It can either be at the very top of the backer. You should pay attention to limit the screw length to 1 1/2″, and not more.

Furthermore, keep in mind to check for the dimensions and the bolt pattern on the back of your TV, since depending on its size the measurements will vary.

Mounting Tv In Jayco Travel Trailer

TV Installation in Toronto can help you to bring you maximum enjoyment in terms of TV viewing. Contact us today and let us define the best place to position your TV for the best experience.

RV TV Mounting Ideas

1. On Cabinet

The most common option is to mount the RV television on the cabinet. This is due to the ease and simplicity with which it may be implemented. The cabinet would be ideal for serving as a television stand. Because there will be many wires and cables all over the place, this kind of installation is unappealing.

You can simply install your RV TV using any of these options. The RV mount, which is somewhat different from the standard TV mount used in the home, is one of the most essential pieces of equipment you’ll need to install your RV TV. Here you can find the finest RV TV Mount.

2. Mount on Wall Surface

This is the simplest method of installing the RV television. You’ll need to drill a few holes on the wall, attach the TV mount, and then put the television on the TV mount. The fact that this technique creates many holes in the wall is a significant disadvantage. You may also be unable to relocate the television since this would need drilling more holes in the wall.

3. Inside Cabinet Articulating Arm/ Full Motion Mount

This mounting technique may be done without having to modify the plywood, therefore there’s no need to refurbish it. There are no cords or wires flying about with this design, which makes it very sophisticated. Only the television screen is visible. Everything else is hidden under the plywood. You’ll need to lock the television once you’ve installed it to keep it secure. If the plywood is too broad, the television may swing from one aspect to the next, potentially damaging the television.

4. Under Cabinet Mounting

One disadvantage of this mounting method is that it takes up a lot of room in the RV. When it comes to installing your RV TV, this means you only have a limited area to work with. You must get a little television set. You should choose a television that is less than 27 inches in size.

5. Outdoor Mounting

The outside installation is very difficult. You must make certain that the RV TV mount is removable. This will enable you to relocate the mount inside the RV. When you’re camping, you can usually utilize this mounting concept. You may now put your RV TV outside the camp, where it will be able to amuse everyone. You may simply remove the TV mount when the television is not in use since it is removable. This is to guarantee the television’s safety.

6. Fixed or Tilted Wall Mount on Plywood Surface

A hinged piece of plywood and some carpentry skills are usually required for this technique. To keep access to the wiring and cabinet behind the TV, most people opt for the hinged approach. A Fixed Wall or Tilted Wall Mount is used in this technique. Now that the huge tube TV has gone the way of the dodo, this is a great place to store things. Install a cabinet door locking mechanism to prevent the cabinet from shifting during transport.

In Dash Wall Mount

In Dash Wall Mount 2

This technique is similar to the dash installation in that it utilizes plywood and hinges to do the same job, but it is done from above. It provides access to the cabinet behind it, much as the dash. Install a cabinet door locking mechanism to prevent the cabinet from shifting during transport.

Cabinet Door install RV TV MOUNT

Cabinet Door Mount 2 RV TV MOUNT

7. Mount with Arm

This alternative utilizes the same concept as the plywood dash installation, but instead of using an Articulating Arm Mount, a permanently non-hinged piece of plywood is attached. You can still reach the cabinet (albeit with less space), and the mount is permanently attached to the dash.

Articulating Mount In Dash RV TV MOUNT

This technique is extremely common since it is the easiest to set up and because there are usually numerous places on an RV where the mount may be secured. The disadvantage is that it generally does not seem as appealing to the eye as numerous cables and wires do. This technique may be made more robust by adding stiffness to the cabinet by using plywood on the opposite side of the mount surface.

Articulating Mount Side of Cabinet RV TV Mount

Articulating ARM Connected to Cabinet

This is a less popular alternative since many individuals are hesitant to drill holes in their RV’s side, which is reasonable. It may be a completely fine method to install your TV if your walls are sturdy enough and you can locate a stud in the appropriate location.

Wall Surface Mounting

When attaching to a wall or cabinet, this is the recommended approach. To provide stiffness to the mounting surface, use a plywood cutout on the outside or inside(if feasible) of the mounting surface.

Articulating Mount Plywood

How To Install A Flat Screen TV In An RV?

Installing a flat screen TV in your RV can be quite an intimidating task. But, don’t worry because we are here to help! This blog post will walk you through the process of installing your new flat panel TV safely and securely. We’ll also provide tips on how to mount it so that it’s not obstructing any windows or mirrors, as well as information on what type of wiring is required for installation.

What size screws to mount TV in RV?

The best size for a screw to mount a TV in an RV is the size that is marked on the TV. That’s it. The manufacturer of the TV knows what size hole needs to be in the back of their device for you to screw on a wall mount. If they say M6, then use an M6 machine screw. Nylon lock nuts are nice to keep things from loosening up over time but most TVs have a built in thread locking system and don’t require them.

There is no magic number like M8 or anything else that will hold the TV better than what the manufacturer has designed it to use. Sure, you can try some other screw size but there may be more vibration in the RV… meaning less of a chance for your expensive TV mount to keep things on the wall.

How To Mount Tv In Rv Without Studs?

It’s common to find a TV in an RV, especially if you’re watching it while driving. The problem is that most RVs were not built with studs and the drywall or paneling used for walls and ceilings will crumble when drilled into. If you want to mount your television without drilling any holes in the wall how do you go about doing so?

The solution is simple: use Velcro! The Velcro brand in particular has a product called “Swissvax,” which is designed to hold up weight and not break. Using the “hook” side of the Velcro strips, attach them to your wall where you want your TV mounted. Then use how adhesive part (“the loop”) on the back of your television or wherever it will be mounted.

The result is a wall that looks like it has wallpaper on it and you can move your television whenever you want without having to worry about how much weight or stress the Velcro will hold up under. You may have to adjust how strong the adhesive side of the Velcro is depending how heavy your TV set, but in general it will work.

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