Connectivity Solutions

So, you have successfully completed the installation of your new home theater system you recently purchased and as well as a big-screen TV. Now you finally want to watch and enjoy your newly installed TV but, nothing seems to appear on the screen even if you turn everything on and no matter what you do. TV Installation in Toronto city team offers all kinds of connectivity solutions service in Toronto which you might be facing during the installation of your home cinema.

If you experience something like this, then you are probably not alone. Besides, you also do not need to return your electronics back to the market. The problem, in fact, might be simply caused by a connectivity issue, and be hidden in small details, which our technicians can easily troubleshoot and solve it.

However, before you hire someone for connectivity solutions, you can also perform certain quick checks to see if you can manage to get your system running. Still, if you see that the problem persists, you should call a professional to check the connectivity issue.

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What kind of connectivity issues might cause a problem?

 If you see nothing seems to turn on after setup up everything correctly, please check all power cables. If everything is connected into a surge protector, you need to find out if the surge protector itself is turned on and plugged onto the wall.

Although this may seem trivial, in fact, this is one of the commons reasons that people can’t get their home theater system run for the first time.

Have No TV Reception?

Check your cable, antenna, or satellite box to see if they are properly connected to the TV. Also, if your service is provided over a standard Cable or Satellite box, ensure that it is attached to the antenna connection on your television, and the TV is actually turned to channel 3 or 4 based on your area. 

Do you ? hаvе a High Dеfinitiоn Cаblе оr Sаtеllitе bоx аnd an HDTV? Then ensure that your bоx is соnnесtеd tо уоur television thorugh HDMI, DVI, оr Component Vidео Connections.

Furthermore, in some cases your HD Cable оr Sаtеllitе vidео аnd аudiо outputs may be rоutеd thrоugh a Home Thеаtеr Rесеivеr tо the TV. If it is so, then check your Hоmе Thеаtеr Rесеivеr to see if its turned on and ѕеt tо the correct inрut channel ѕо thаt HD-Cаblе or Satellite signal can be routed to the TV.

The Picture Quality Of Your TV Is Poor

Grainy or snowy picture quality can be due to a half-done cable connection or low-quality cable. To see if you can fix the problem, try a different cable.

No Or improper Color

First, you need to check your TV color settings according to your preferences. Most TVs offer default color presets, which you can easily change to and see if it makes any difference.

Once you set the default preset, you can start adjusting individual options like color, brightness, contrast, and more…

Nevertheless, if everything is just fine but you are still having problems with your DVD player, which is connected to your TV by using Component Video connections (these cables are composed of Red, Green, and Blue connections), you need to make sure those cables are matched up properly with the RGB connections on your TV.

Having connectivity issues can be very exhausting and frustrating. As mentioned above, the tips above can help you to easily fix the issue you are facing. However, should you see that the problem persists, we recommend you to hire a professional service to handle the case.