There is always a warm debate among people when it comes to fireplace and tv placement ideas. Although there many variations of tv placement when you have a fireplace in your room, everyone’s choice is different and unique.

Fireplace and TV Placement Ideas

One of the common fireplace and tv placement ideas is mounting the tv over a fireplace. However, in fact, positioning a tv above the fireplace can make many people concerned, since it creates an uncomfortable viewing angle, especially when you are seated.

However, if you still want to position your tv over the fireplace, then there are few solutions to have natural viewing height.

Today’s post will deeply cover all common fireplace and tv placement ideas which you can have a better viewing experience.

Fireplace and TV Placement Ideas

It is not surprising that more people opt to place their tv over a fireplace since it is certainly a trend. In fact, there are two advantages that the tv above the fireplace will serve:

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When positioned correctly, tv mounted over a fireplace creates an overall balanced look in relation to other objects in your room. In addition, then you position the tv in the same spot where the fireplace is, it creates a single focal point.

This, in turn, can help you to simplify your furniture arrangement since you will not need to re-structure your room layout around two potentially popular focal points.

Positioning Tv Next To The Fireplace


Positioning Tv Next To The Fireplace


Can you place a tv and fireplace on the same wall?

In many new homes, which come with perfectly pre-designed tv and fireplace arrangement, you can see the balance with the fireplace and other surroundings. In addition, you can still apply this design and place your tv on the wall near your fireplace to go with a similar trend.

It gives you another advantage. Because two focal points will not be competing against each other when you place tv in close proximity to the fireplace. Therefore, you can continue incorporating the fireplace and tv without the challenge of creating a functional furniture layout.

According to this plan, it is possible to locate your tv on a piece of media furniture next to the fireplace. You can also opt to mount your tv on the wall. However, it is suggested better to keep the tv mounted on the wall.

Firstly, it can be hard for you to get a piece of media furniture that really fits your fashion and as well as a placement that doesn’t directly compete for awareness with your lovely fireplace.

On the other hand, when you mount the tv to the wall, it gives more functionality than a tv placed on a stand. You can tilt and rotate your tv to have the most enjoyable viewing experience. Furthermore, when you finished viewing, you can effortlessly push the tv back so that it is even to the wall.


Fireplace In Corner Of The Room


Can you place a tv and fireplace on the same wall?


The corner may sound like a questionable spot for television, but it can be an excellent option for placing tv–especially if you’re short on space. And to be fair, it’s not the same installing your tv in the corner as putting your tv in the corner as a rethink.

Using a mount, particularly, a full-motion mount, lets you aim your tv to where you are sitting so you get a more satisfying viewing experience while watching your tv, and it enables you to push your tv against the wall when you ‘re not.

As far as thinking tv installation for your room, you will want to get your tv installed in the corner where your fireplace wall and a perpendicular wall meet. This, again, simplifies furniture combinations by retaining key details of focus in a closer nearness. 


Place Your Tv Perpendicular To The Fireplace


Until now, we gave you information on keeping the tv on the same wall as your fireplace. However, you also have an option to position the tv on a perpendicular wall.

You can also see in the photo that the fireplace and tv are positioned around 90 degrees apart. Although they are installed in different walls, there is no competition between the fireplace and the wall.

This setup provides you a convenient functionality due to its sectional works since you can enjoy the fireplace and have a convenient tv view. You can also get a similar effect if you face one of your sofas to the fireplace and the other to the tv.

It is also up to you to place your tv on the media furniture, depending on how much space is available in your room or skip media furniture completely.

You can get your tv positioned an ideal height by fixed-position point if you don’t have a problem with glare from windows or other indoor light sources.

You can also have more functionality with a full-motion mount, which helps to get over unwanted glare on your tv screen and enables you to turn your tv depending on where your seat is.

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