This is highly popular in modern homes to have a flat-screen TV, be it LCD, LED, or some other equipment. These have enabled us to save large amounts of space while working to improve the image quality that they offer us. In fact, as these are now fairly available, we can basically buy one for each room. To appreciate the full comfort of lying in our bed while enjoying a movie, nevertheless, we need to learn how high our bedroom TV can be installed on. So, how high to mount tv in the bedroom?

The purpose of purchasing one of these TVs is to improve our convenience, not to grow neck aches from trying to view them in complicated directions. That is why, while flat-panel tv innovations were evolving, new kinds of brackets came on the market for them as well.

Since we want a TV that we can fully enjoy in our bedroom, we need to decide the best place for its installation. Finding the right angle isn’t so complicated, and we will consider certain factors that we will explore in this post.

Proper Height For Wall Mounted Tv In Bedroom

If you want to know how high to mount tv in bedroom, you need to calculate the height between your eyes and the floor to figure out the correct height tv in bedroom. For respect to viewing angle, you’ll like the TV height to be positioned with a viewing angle of no more than 30 degrees according to the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. Even so, most people comfortably sit reclined between 10 and 15 degrees.

Proper Height for Wall Mounted TV in Bedroom


How High Should A 65 Inch Tv Be Mounted?

A 65 “TV should typically be about 65 inches from floor to center, and a 70” TV should be installed to the left of the television approximately 67 inches apart.

Professional tv mounting services are of course a perfect way to get things finished the first time correctly.

This approach can differ based on the physical features of each room, and how we see it. For eg, you’ll watch TV sitting on a couch or chair in a living room so it shouldn’t be too big to be able to see it properly.

When we are sitting in our room, though, the TV will be a little higher so we don’t have to duck our heads too much.

Wall Mount Tv In Bedroom Ideas

For many people, watching TV lying on the bed is more relaxing than sitting on a couch. If you’re not spending enough time in your living room, then you can opt to install the TV in your bedroom.

How High To Mount Tv In Bedroom For 65 Inch Television


Correct Height For Tv In Bedroom

You would get a very cool technical presence in your atmosphere with the correct TV mount in the bedroom.

TVs will act as a gathering place in society. This will help you communicate with them, whether you have a friend.

A TV installed in your bedroom would let you wake up in the morning and learn the most relevant stories, as well as the forecast or traffic info.

Correct Height For Tv In Bedroom


Ideal TV size for the bedroom

Normally this appears to exceed 32′′ when we purchase a television for our bedroom. It’s natural since we realize that our head would be farther away from the screen while lying in our bed which could lead us to lose details in smaller sizes.

Note that when we speak about the inches of tv, we refer to the vertical width that the TV has without measuring the borders outside the monitor.

When we eventually want to buy a more portable TV, we can get a flexible bracket that helps us to adjust its position when we need it to switch it.

Ideal TV size for the bedroom


The location is fundamental

Initially, you should mount your  TV in the bedroom near an outlet. Lying on your bed, you can see where you can place your head without causing a problem. If any position is not convenient or gives us discomfort, we would rule out mounting the TV in that direction automatically.

you should mount your  TV in the bedroom


Compare the TV to a work of art

Television is indeed a piece of art for many people, but that is not what we say. When you choose the location for the installation, consider where a large painting would be hanging. Keep in mind that when it comes to a TV, height is not a determining factor, because we can buy a rotating bracket to turn the screen moderately.


The eyes’ height is not so important in the bedroom

The center of a TV will generally still be at the same level as our eyes, that ensures a perpendicular television view. It might be a concern in a bedroom though, because it would be very low on the wall, bothering to locate the furniture, among other items.

The eyes’ height is not so important in the bedroom


Ideal Viewing Distance

When you want to get the maximum advantage of the size of our TV, some space will be required between us and the monitor. This may rely on the screen ‘s size in inches.

There is a method that helps to measure the average distance (in inches) at which we will split to watch television. In order to get a reference distance, we simply need to divide the horizontal of the television in 0.55For instance, the distance to divide would be 76 inches for a 42 “display.

Ideal Viewing Distance bedroom tv


Adequate Lighting

Not only is it crucial how high you are installing your TV in the bedroom, but you must also consider the lighting of your room. The overwhelming majority of viewers tend to watch tv in the dark but it definitely isn’t as easy as it sounds.

When you watch TV in the dark, it induces significant visual exhaustion which, by keeping you awake, affects your sleeping patterns. Which is why you ought to keep dim lighting while you watch the tv. A few lamps can fix the issue: one by the TV, and another one placed near you to relieve stress.

how high you are installing your TV in the bedroom


Get the best sound

Because you will lay down most of the time, the sound from the TV mounted in your bedroom needs to have to travel further. Therefore, you’ll end up increasing the volume levels, which is going to be distracting.

Also, the problem gets worsen when you share your bed too, causing your friend to listen to TV. Those problems can be overcome in two ways:

With a surround sound system: We may position them nearer to us by getting external speakers which prevents us from increasing the volume. Alternatively, by putting the speakers on both sides you can provide improved stereo audio.

With wireless headphones: When you don’t want to interrupt others, simply attach wireless headphones to your television. You can cherish all of the audio this way without distressing others.


How To Install A TV In Our Room

The first step toward a successful installation is to have all the equipment and components available. The process would ensure adequate mounting for the size of your TV (since these often come with a package for different sizes), nuts, screws, screwdriver, wrench socket, and ideally a stud finder.

How High To Mount Tv In Bedroom 33


With Everything Ready, In Three Simple Steps, You Can Install Your New TV.
  • Step 1: Use the stud finder, find any studs on the wall where the TV stand can be installed. You’ll need to mount up to two bolts when you’ve got a large or heavy TV. Place the bracket as a guide, and label where the bolts would be with a marker. Besides, note that you’ve got to mount the cables on the television and you’ve got to leave a large gap between it and the wall so it’s got to be located near an outlet.
  • Step 2: When the appropriate level for your TV is calculated, fasten the bracket with the bolts or screws. You may need to have a drill, a screwdriver or a socket wrench, based on the type of your wall. Have a level at your presence to make sure that the TV won’t be tilted. While mounting the bracket, remember that you will be able to see the bottom of the TV without any difficulties while lying in the bed. And if it is not, then you need to have a higher bracket.
  • Step 3: When you have done with the installation of the wall bracket properly, continue installing the remaining half with bolts on the back of the TV. Proceed with simply fitting bolt frames together, when they are ready. If you think that the TV might fall down, do not leave it on the bracket.


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