When it comes to how high to mount tv above the console, you need to decide the most comfortable viewing distance when you sit to watch the TV. This means that wires and cables should not be visible if you place them above your console. On the other hand, if the TV is placed higher, then you should find a way to conceal the wires.

How High To Mount Tv Above Console?

To put it simply, to decide the height of the tv over the console, sit where you always sit while watching TV. Alternatively, you may find a laser light flashlight to come in handy, which you can point to what height is most comfortable.

How High To Mount Tv Above Console

There is a simple rule for the artwork. Consider the center of the artwork at 58″-62″ above the floor. This is recommended for art with nothing below it or above when you have furniture that is 32″ tall.

When it comes to a TV, screen size is often used to determine the center. As a rule of thumb, you can take the following advice:

  • For 50″ screen – 60″ above the floor
  • For 55″ screen – 63″ above the floor
  • For 60″ screen 66″ above the floor

Please also note that you do not need any space, since you can actually place your TV atop the console. You can also hang it on the wall, but this would seem inappropriate.

If you, however, considering mounting the TV on the wall, then you can simply leave it hovering just above the console.

When your television comes with a stand of some kind, consider placing it atop your console and see if the height is convenient for you. Hang it at the height if it is convenient for you.

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