So, you have finally finished your tv mounting task, and now your TV nicely sits on the wall. However, sometimes you may need to remove that TV you have installed, and then you should know how to fill holes in the wall from tv mount. In this case, whether those holes are big or small, you should try the best way to patch and repair them.

How To Fill Holes In Wall From Tv Mount

What Supplies Do You Need To Have?

Before starting the patching process you might want to have a joint compound or spackle, based on the size of the holes you’re dealing with. In fact, in order to fix smaller holes having spackle is just enough, since it really dries fast and comes in a small container.

However, if you want to patch large holes from your tv mount, then you may need to have a joint compound since you can get them in large quantities. Please note that, though, it may take longer for the latter to dry.

Make sure you wear latex gloves and as well as sanding before pathing holes.


So, How To Fill Holes In Wall From Tv Mount?

  • Patching Small Holes In Drywall

In order to patch holes in drywall, you first need to clean any debris and dust. Then, using your finger fill the hole with a spackle. Later, take the putty knife and smooth the surface of the wall.

After it gets completely dry, take the sandpaper and smoothly sand it. The whole process should only take about 10-15 minutes.

  • How To Cover A Big Hole In The Wall

When you have larger holes in your drywall, you may need more time to get the repair task done. Just follow the steps below.

Get something in order to hold your filler material. You may use a drywall repair kit in order to bridge the empty gap (you can find it at any local home improvement store).

The patch is an adhesive-backed fiberglass mesh. It can be sliced with fitting scissors and must be bigger than a hole in the wall, but not so huge.

Apply the patch to the hole. Then, using a crisscross pattern, stick joint compound, or spackle with the putty knife. According to many home improvement experts, you should use the joint compound for bigger holes.

By pressing further along the outer edges, you smooth the wall, tapering the spackle or joint compound. For completely flattening the surface, you may need to apply a few layers of a joint compound onto the finished wall. Consider the drying time in between layers.

That’s it, the repair is complete! Sand the wall, and use the matching color to fix the existing color on the drywall.

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