You’ll need to use a ceiling mount if you don’t have enough wall space in your house or if you want your TV to stand in the center of a room away from the walls. If you want to know how to hang TV from the ceiling, most big stores sell these, just make sure to review the packaging specs to ensure the mount is consistent with your flat-screen TV. You will get a ceiling-mounted TV in no time with a few supplies, a little commitment, and an extra pair of hands to assist you.


How To Hang Tv From Ceiling?

How To Hang Tv From Ceiling

Attaching the TV Mounting Brackets

Organize the tools. The majority of the materials and components needed for this project can be found at a department store or a nearby hardware store. Often TV mounts contain extra parts such as fasteners, washers, and Allen wrenches, so look for a rundown of what’s included before you go shopping. You’ll need the following items:

  • a ceiling TV mount
  • a drill (and drill bits)
  • fasteners (like screws)
  • a ladder
  • a screwdriver
  • a socket wrench
  • a stud finder
  • a TV

Inspect the mounting slots on the back of the TV

The mounting slots on the back of each TV would be in a different location depending on the brand. Much of the time, they’ll be set in a square or rectangular pattern. A recessed area with threading for the mounting screws is common in mounting holes. The television may have a few slots in the back. Check this detail in the TV user manual if you’re having trouble figuring out which ones are for fastening the mount.

Attach the mounting brackets to the back of the TV

Long metal parts with screw holes are often used as TV mounting brackets. The screw holes on the brackets should line up with the mounting slots on the rear of the TV. Fix all brackets with the fasteners that arrived with the wall mount.

  • Depending on the type of mount you have, you can need to add a washer and/or a spacer to the screw before using it to secure the bracket to the TV.
  • The multiple component sections of most ceiling mounts would have different-sized fasteners. To decide which fastener to use, consult the mount’s directions.
  • Be sure the TV brackets are evenly balanced before securing the fasteners. Your TV can be placed crooked if the surface is uneven.

Verify the TV mounting brackets are firmly attached

Once the screws are in and the brackets are mounted, feel the brackets on your fingertips. Both should be securely fastened to the television, with no wiggling or holes. As required, tighten the TV mounting screws.

While tightening the mounting screws, be careful not to overtighten them. Over time, loose or improperly fastened screws may cause your TV to fall away from its frame.

Add any remaining TV bracket parts

To provide extra protection, some mounts use compact metal poles at the top and/or bottom of the brackets. A portion that is fastened between the brackets may be included in your mount. The middle section is usually designed to provide support or enable the TV to tilt or swivel.

Mounting brackets can only be used on the back of the TV in basic mounts. If this is the case, bypass this stage and go straight to installing the ceiling mounting plate.

Both of the mount’s components should be securely connected until it’s done. Shake the pieces lightly with your fist. You’re happy to move on if something feels solid and safe.

Fastening the Ceiling Mounting Plate

Set up the ladder under the area where you’ll be mounting the TV. Climb the ladder with your stud finder until you hit the ceiling. Move your stud finder back and forth before you locate studs. Label the studs’ locations with a pencil.

  • It may be unsafe if the ceiling mount is not installed on studs. If the mount is not supported by studs, it can pull away from the ceiling, causing injury or harm to your TV or home.
  • If you don’t have a stud finder, you can use other methods to look for studs, such as a quick knock test or poking with a pin.
  • Before scaling the ladder, make sure it’s stable. Allow someone to keep the ladder for you when you’re on it if it’s shaky.

Drill a hole in the ceiling for the TV wires if desired

You can pass wires down to power your TV by drilling a hole in your ceiling. This is a perfect place to hide the TV wiring and keep it neat. You could even run wires from a wall socket to the television. Cover the wires on the wall and ceiling with adhesive hooks.

Outline the placement of the ceiling mount in pencil

Place the ceiling mount against the ceiling where you want to install it. Line up the mounting holes on the wall with the studs you discovered and labeled earlier. Once the mount is in order, trace it with a pencil.

Fasten the ceiling mount to the ceiling studs

Screw the ceiling mounting plate into the ceiling studs with your drill. Any mounts can need bolts to be fastened, in which case a socket wrench may be used. Fasten the plate to the roof with a screwdriver. Bolts can be tough to fasten in wood. If you’re experiencing difficulties, dig a small pilot hole first to make it smoother for yourself.

Finish Mounting the TV


Assemble the mounting plate extension

The majority of mounts have a hanger or arm that goes down from the ceiling. Fasteners secure the TV mounting brackets to this addition. Use the fasteners that came with your mount to attach the attachment to the mounting pad.

  • Since each mount is unique, this procedure can differ. To ensure proper and secure installation, follow the instructions included with your mount.
  • Some extensions are literally screwed onto the mounting plate on the ceiling. If this is the case, make sure it’s securely and perfectly screwed in.
  • It’s possible that certain mounts don’t have an extension. The TV mounting brackets are normally connected directly to the mounting plate in these types.

Attach the TV mounting brackets to the extension with some help

Holding the TV in place when attaching it to the extension or mounting plate would be challenging. Use the fasteners that come with the mount to keep the TV in place. Have a helper carry the TV up to the extension. It’s a good idea to half-tighten a few screws before fully locking them. This would keep the bracket holes consistent with the extension or mounting plate’s matching holes.

Check the stability of the TV

When the mount is fully mounted and the TV is in place, test the balance of the mount and TV with your hands. If the mount swivels, it can do so without wobbling excessively. Tighten the bolts if they are loose. Take pleasure in your TV that is hanging from the ceiling.

How Far From Ceiling To Hang TМ?

TV Screen SizeViewing DistanceMounting Height
55 inches7 feet – 15 feet63 inches from the bottom of the floor to the center of the screen
60 inches7.5 feet – 15 feet66 inches from the bottom of the floor to the center of the screen
65 inches8 feet – 16 feet69 inches from the bottom of the floor to the center of the screen
70 inches8.5 feet – 16 feet72 inches from the bottom of the floor to the center of the screen

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