You can easily install a flat-screen tv in an RV in a very short time. Also, it does not require a lot of effort. Also, the mounting process is very straightforward and inexpensive. You can easily do it yourself. All you need is to have one 2×4 piece of wood, and some 3″ screws.

Please note that in order to perform the installation you will need a TV mounting bracket and a TV. You can easily find them at your local store. You should prefer buying a swivel mount. This will help you to watch your TV more comfortably as you sit on the couch.

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32″ flat screen tv can be perfectly mounted in most RVs since they have 27″ in the front.

How to choose a TV?

If you want to have a USB input, you can opt for Samsung 32″ Smart TV (1080p). This will not only allow you to play cartoons for your kids, but you will be also able to use it for Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming services.

What about the TV weight?

Weighing merely 8.6 lbs, Samsung flat-screen TVs are actually one of the lightest models. Please note that the tv housing is made of 1/2″ plywood. So, you need to take the weight of the tv into consideration.

How To Install A Flat Screen Tv In An RV?

  1. First, you need to make sure that your new tv will fit into the opening in order to mount a TV on the RV wall. Calculating the side margins, you will probably find that it perfectly fits while giving you 1/2″ total side clearance.
  2. You can either prefer having a swivel or a fixed tv mount. If you have a swivel mount, you will be able to pull and comfortably move it around 20 degrees, which will give you a better tv viewing experience.
  3. Your framing should hold the tv in place. Therefore, you need to know the total depth of the wall mount and TV. In addition, you may require to have certain types of brackets in order to keep your TV in place as you move it. This is particularly true if you choose a swivel mount.

Installation Of Flat Screen Tv In Rv

After measuring the depth, you can start the installation process. Although all campers come in different sizes, most of them should have a TV box in front. Generally, these boxes are made of 1/2″ plywood. Therefore, it is possible to have 2×4 framing attached inside the box.

We also recommend that, to provide mounting support for the horizontal cross beams, you can measure and cut 2 vertical posts, and 2 horizontal posts. 2×4 wood will do the work.

  • Step 1: First find out how deep you need to have your wall mount to be placed inside the camper tv box. These points will be the edges of the horizontal cross-beams. You can simply label this point using a pencil. Now, using a tape, measure distance from this mark to the outside edge of tv box. We will call this distance depth.
  • Step 2: Label the total depth insdie the box on bottom and top of each sidewall. You can easily get the total depth by adding 1.625″ to the “depth”.
  • Step 3: Get the measurements of the TV box. Now, you need to cut 2 pieces of 2×4 to the height length. We will call it the vertical mounts.
  • Step 4: Use the 2.5-3″ wood screws to installa the vertical mounts. You will need a minimum of 4 screws for each mount.
  • Step 5: Measure the height you want your TV to be and use horizontal mounts to fit. At least two 3′′ screws can be used at either end of each horizontal beam (8 screws minimum). Horizontal beams should be pre-drilled to guarantee that the screws do not break the wood.
  • Step 6: Measure the centre of horizontal beams and mark the areas where the wall mount would be attached. Put the end of two bolts on the top of your wall mount has three bolts to lock it in place.
  • Step 7: Use a 1/4′′ drill bit to pre-drill holes for the Wall Mount bolts. Install a wall bracket.
  • Step 8: Attach TV to the wall mount.

Furthermore, since all new TVs are “wide-screen” and have a 16:9 aspect ratio, while older TVs had a 4:3 aspect ratio and large top and bottom margins, you would have large gaps on the top and bottom. A 32-inch TV, on the other hand, can extend from left to right with little gap. To cover the holes, add two pieces of board on top and bottom, below the TV box’s outer edge base. Since it isn’t a huge thing for me, I’ve never had time to do it.

If you decide to do this, 1/2′′ plywood or board would work. On the outside surface of each sheet, we also suggest a couple of coats of transparent polyurethane. If your wood trim isn’t visible, mix poly with a coloured translucent wood varnish.

Overall, installing a Flat Screen TV in your RV, Motorhome, or Camper is simple and takes just a few hours. You should have all of the components on hand. 

What size screws to mount TV in RV?

The TV is a flat screen that weighs 6.9 pounds, and the mount weighs almost the same. The 3″ screws are built to be inserted into a 2×4″ wall stud in a building. If your bedroom wall is a divider wall, you can measure the maximum length of the screw by looking at the end of the wall. A 1″ long #10 or #12 screw is typically easier.

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