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Do you love RVing but are tired of how cluttered it can get? One way to solve this problem is to install shelves. With the right tools, installing a shelf in your RV is an easy task that should take less than two hours. Follow these simple instructions for how to install a shelf in an RV and enjoy the feeling of having more storage space! Read the guide below crafted by TV Wall Mounting Team.

What are shelves and why do I need them?

Shelves are a great way to store items in your RV. They allow you to keep things organized and easily accessible when needed. Shelves can be installed into cabinets, under the bed or even on the wall for added storage options!

Shelving is an excellent way to make more space in any room of your home no matter how big or small. Shelving can be installed into cabinets, under the bed or even on the wall for added storage options!

How to measure for your RV’s shelving needs?

how to install a shelf in an rv Before you head over to your local hardware store, take the time to measure. You’ll want to know how much space is available for shelving in your RV so that you can determine what size shelves will fit best.

Measure all of the openings where you plan on installing shelving units and write down their widths and heights. If there are multiple openings, you’ll want to measure each opening and then write down the combined measurements.

Once measured, head over to your local hardware store or home improvement center that carries RV shelving units . Make sure you take along a note pad with all of your measurements written on it so that you can reference them while shopping.

The different types of materials you can use for the shelves.

You can use  just about any material to create the shelf. The key is using a strong and sturdy material so that your shelves don’t fall down while you are driving or when you take them out of storage. Some common materials include:

  • – Wood (can be stained, painted, varnished etc.)
  • – Metal (aluminum works best)
  • – PVC
  • – Plastic/Composite

There are several different ways to install the shelves. You can do it yourself with just a few tools or you may want to hire someone else to complete the job for you.

Tools needed to install the shelves

  • – Tape measure
  • – Drill with drill bits (size specified by shelf size)
  • – Stud finder OR nail and string line method to locate studs in wall. If you are not sure where the studs are, mark them for future reference using crayon or chalk.
  • – Pencil or marker to mark placement on wall of where shelves will be installed.

Step-by-step guide on installing a shelf in your RV 

Step One: measure the area where you want to place your shelf. You can do this by using a tape measure or holding up a ruler next to it and writing down the measurements on paper.

Step Two: buy shelves that are made for an RV at any hardware store near you. There should be instructions with them so read them carefully.

Step Three: drill a pilot hole in the area where you want to place your shelf, following the measurements that you wrote down in step one. Then screw it into place using a power drill and screws made for RVs (they are typically gold in color).

Step Four: attach any brackets or mounts needed to hang the shelf.

Step Five: fill your shelves with knickknacks, containers or other decorative items to add a personal touch!     

Pros and cons of installing a shelf in your RV

Having a shelf installed in your RV has many benefits.  First, you can organize your items and keep them within reach. Second, an installed shelf has many different uses–you can use it to store towels or even as a makeshift bed for guests who may need somewhere to sleep. The biggest con of installing shelves in your RV is that they are not permanent fixtures so if you move around often, this might not be the best option for you.

Installing shelves in your RV is a fairly easy DIY job. The biggest benefit of installing shelves in an RV is that they are not permanent fixtures so if you move around often this might not fit with your lifestyle goals easier than other options out there. Another con to keep in mind when looking at installing shelves in your RV is that the materials are not always stable.

How To Install RV Bedside Shelf?

 Bedside shelves are a great way to create storage in your rv, but installing them can be tricky. This step-by-step guide will show you how to install an rv bedside shelf and gives some tips on the best ways to mount it so that it’s secure and won’t fall off.

Step One: Lay Out the Shelf

When you want to install a shelf in your rv, start by laying out where it will go and how much space you have. Measure from where the bed comes up to whatever wall or cabinet is near it (or if using an over-the-bed bunk, measure from that) and make sure you have enough space. You also want to make sure the shelf is high enough that it won’t be in someone’s way when they get into or out of bed. If you need a guide, use masking tape on the floor and mark where your bed will fall before starting installation so you know exactly how much room you will have to work with.

Step Two: Mark the Mounting Holes

After you’ve laid out where your shelf will be, mark where you want to put the screws for it. This is pretty straightforward as long as you have a guide from step one and pay attention so that they are all level (which can be done by using a level). At this point, you can also mark where the existing screws are in your rv if there are any. If not, just measure out about an inch from each corner of the shelf and drill slightly smaller holes than that so they act as pilot holes for the mounting screws.

Step Three: Attach Mounting Blocks

If you have a bed with an over-the-bed bunk, this step is especially important. Your shelf needs to be anchored in the rv so that it doesn’t fall off when someone leans against or climbs onto them. You can do this by attaching blocks at each corner of your shelf using screws and washers if needed, and you can also use this as a time to attach the sheet metal screws needed for your shelf. If you don’t have an over-the-bed bunk, skip this step and move on to installing the shelf with screws instead of blocks.

Step Four: Attach Your Shelf

If you used mounting blocks (or screws and washers depending on how you chose to do this), then put them in place now. If not, skip ahead to step five where the shelf itself is installed using sheet metal screws.

Step Five: Mount Your Shelf

Now that your mounting blocks (or screws) are in place, secure your shelf by drilling right through them into your rv bed frame. Most shelfs are made of thin metal, but this will give you great support because the screws won’t be able to go anywhere unless they hit a structural beam or wall inside the camper. If you have an over-the-bed bunk, just use at least three screws per corner and make sure you use a washer with the screws. If there are no walls near your shelf, just drill through it and into your rv bed frame as well to make sure it’s extra secure.

Step Six: Clean Up Your Mess!

Once everything is mounted securely (and if you have an over-the-bed bunk, make sure to check it regularly!), you want to clean up the area. If there are any holes in your rv floor or walls, patch them with spackle and sand down so they’re smooth before painting over. It’s also a good idea to paint around where you mounted anything that might get bumped into (like the mounting blocks or screws) to make sure it’s not noticeable.

Step Seven: Enjoy Your New Shelves!

Once everything is secure and painted over, you can enjoy your new shelves in place of where they were before! You might want to attach a few baskets for extra storage if there isn’t enough space on the shelves themselves, and you can also attach a few hooks to the underside of them for anything that might slip through.


If you’re looking for a fun way to spruce up your RV, this post is full of great ideas. From installing shelves and doors to adding color with paint or throw pillows, it’s easy to transform the look of any space without spending too much money. We hope that these tips have been helpful—if you need help planning or executing other projects on your RV, give us a call! Our team has over 20 years experience in professional TV mounting and can provide expert advice if needed. What are some ways you plan to decorate your RVs interior?

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