If you want to know how to mount a tv on metal studs, you should not be discouraged. Attaching tv mount to metal studs is quite easier even if you do it by yourself.

The following easy-to-follow guide will help you in mounting to metal studs while effectively securing your TV to prevent it from falling. With metal studs in hand, hanging a tv may become a bit challenging, since they are hallowed and have thin walls. So the main goal is to have the proper fasteners so that you can hang heavy items.  

How to mount a tv on metal studs?


  • Get the proper fasteners

how to mount a tv on metal studs

If you have the wood wall studs, traditional lag bolts or screws are ideal fasteners. Metal stud design, however, makes the procedure a bit complex and requires separate tools for proper support.

Since metal studs are hollow and narrow, you’re going to have equipment that’s supposed to be durable enough to support the TV’s weight and also long enough to reach the studs. Whilst there are a few choices available, a snap toggle is actually one of the best choices.

Generally compared to a toggle bolt or drill toggle, snap toggles are much stronger. You can also use them to install your TV through metal, plaster, and as well as drywall.

  • Place the metal studs

Tv mount metal studs

Locating the exact center of the stud is essential. There are only 3/8″ space left on each side of the whole since the diameter of the hole you need to drill in the stud is 1/2″. And you probably know, if you have ever tried, that without having a drill press it is not possible to drill into the edge of metal. So, the key point is finding the center.

In the rough zone where you want to install your tv, run the stud finder along the wall. In several points along the vertical plane, label the left and right sides with a pencil.

Run the stud finder along the wall in the approximate area where you plan to mount your television. Mark the left and right edges with a pencil in several spots along the vertical plane. To locate the edges of the studs more precisely, as you will need to determine the true center afterward, choose a small drill bit to explore behind the drywall. Since these holes are going to be behind the TV, when the job gets completed, a few carefully positioned pilot holes will not be noticeable.

  • Find out where you are going to install your TV

toggle bolts for metal studs

You may typically prefer to have your TV side-to-side on the wall at a certain height and spot. Find out just where you’d like to place the TV before drilling the holes, so you decide where to mount the TV wall mount bracket.

Inevitably, you will need to drill a 1/2 “hole to match the snap toggle, so first you can use a smaller drill bit to assure that the hole is exactly in the middle of the stud. Use the TV mounting guide to align up the holes on the wall of the mount. Use a level to verify that the TV is placed correctly. After the pilot holes have been pre-drilled, you can drill the wider 1/2” holes quite properly.

  • Drilling the holes

We suggest that you need a 1/2′′ opening in the wall for most of the fasteners. So, to drill those holes, you’ll need to have a 1/2′′ metal drill bit.

Please ensure you’ve taken care of your wall mount position planning. Even, when you are trying to dig into the metal, be careful and do not let the drill bit ‘walk’ around. It is also easier to first pre-drill the holes with a smaller drill bit, which will provide a hole that will lead and prevent the bigger drill bit from moving.

Be sure it is level with the bracket, then tighten the bolts. The stud and the drywall should be secured against them. We suggest that a snap toggle be placed into any hole in the TV install. It can provide added support for your TV even though each bolt doesn’t match up with a metal stud.

  • Insert the Snap Toggle

Because the metal studs are vertically mounted, you’ll also want to vertically place your toggle bolt. The toggle bolt would otherwise run into the side of the metal stud and the contact will be unstable and not as secure.

You will need to have a little patience and concentration to get the snap toggle in place, particularly when the walls are insulated.

  • Finally, mount the brackets

You’re nearly there. Simply mount the bracket to your wall now. Any metal washers (which normally come with your TV wall mount) will also be required. Split washers are also a smart strategy to keep the bolts from getting loose over time.

how to mount a tv on metal studs (2)

Now you have successfully mounted a TV on the wall with metal studs. It is not that difficult, as you’ve seen. Only the proper fasteners and a diligent strategy are what you actually need to have.

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