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How to install a led strip behind and around HDTV?

One of the most popular ways to decorate your home is with LED lights. And if you are looking for a way to make your TV stand out, how about putting some LED strips on the back of the TV or around it? This post crafted by the Toronto TV Mounting team will show how easy it is to put LED lights on TV using led strips. 

So, how to install a led strip behind and around HDTV? 

  1. Open the strip lights by unrolling

When you purchase LED lights, they are delivered to your doorstep and it’s time for the next step. The first thing that needs to be done is unrolling them to light up all of the LEDs! If this is a kit with accessories included like remote control or battery pack, now may also be an opportunity to charge those batteries before installing everything together.


How to put led lights on TV using led strips

  1. Make sure that the back of your TV is clean

If you want to be sure your LED strip lights will stay attached for a long time, make it easy on yourself by cleaning the back of your TV before applying. If there’s too much dust or moisture in that area, then after sticking them on they’ll just fall off again over and over.

  1. Determine the location you want to stick the strips

The first step in installing LED strip lights for TV is to measure your TV. Use the 3M double-sided tape and apply LEDs to make sure the placement is correct. Once you’re satisfied with the location, take the backing sheet from the tape and adhere to the LEDs.

How to put led lights on TV using led strips

  1. Make sure the strips are connected properly and enjoy!

Many LED strip lights are sold with four separate strip lights and a controller that’s smaller than most other TV controllers. The 3-piece connection cable must be attached to the 4 separate strips. Then, plug one end of the USB cord into the small controller, and the other end into the TV port. You may use the remote control to alter the color and brightness of the lights to change the visual impact.


How to determine which TV Led Strip to choose?

TV’s make watching TV more enjoyable but they also require some lighting to be able to enjoy the show. Most people get a light for their entertainment center and then find that it doesn’t quite do enough when you’re trying to watch your favorite shows in low-light conditions or even at night time, so we have found LED strip lights which provide an extra amount of brightness without creating eye strain as well as looking nice! They come in many colors with options like white, red, green, etc., all depending on what is best suited for your mood.

Prefer multiple colors

RGB LED strip lights are a fantastic choice if you want to feel like you are just watching TV in a cinema. For various genres, you may select different hues of light for the inside. Enjoying a better viewing experience when watching a faux documentary, a funny comedy, or a nail-biting thriller means installing LED lights in your home.

You can play around with its brightness levels

This is also a critical feature since it enables you to utilize lighting effects in a totally new way, enabling you to regulate the brightness as you see fit.

Optimal length

It’s advisable to assess the dimensions of your TV before you start searching for LED strip lights since you will need to know how long your TV set is to get the correct length. Pretty much with all LED strip lights will be ideal if you want to use them to illuminate your 65-inch TV set. Also, each of these products has four strips of identical length, which allows you to arrange each strip to fit the size of TVs. If you buy a continuous strip, you may use it to trim off the extra at a “cut” point on the edge of your TV.

Should have a WiFi connection

WIFI-enabled smart LED light strips may be linked to a network. The lighting pattern can be changed using a remote control, an app on a mobile device, or voice control. The non-smart strip lights can only be controlled with remote control. It is entirely up to you whether or not you buy a smart model, depending on your own personal requirements. Smart devices are handy and simple if you have a voice assistant or prefer using a smartphone app to interact with them. Remote control will suffice if you only plan on using the device occasionally. Alternatively, you may choose the simple strips at a cheaper price.

USB connection – bonus feature

Because you may connect the LED strip lights with a USB plug straight into the port behind the TV sets, you should get better results if you plug them into the back of the TV sets instead than into a wall socket. In furthermore, you may power the LED strip lights using a power bank, a laptop, a wall-mounted charger, or a combination of these items.

Benefits Of Having Led Lights Installed Around Your TV

Increasing the overall brightness in your room may help decrease eye strain, especially when combined with LED light strips behind your TV to help reduce the contrast between a bright TV screen and a dark environment.

There’s a lot of information in our blog post about how to put led lights on TV, and it can be overwhelming. If you need help with any aspect of the process, from picking out your new LED strips or figuring out where to place them behind or around your television set, please reach out and ask for professional assistance! Our experienced technicians are ready and waiting to answer all your questions and make sure that everything is done right.

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