In-Ceiling & In-Wall Speaker Setup

In-Wall Speaker Installation

In order to feel yourself in the middle of the action, you need to design a unique entertainment space during in-wall speaker installation. That’s actually more than simply purchasing a pre-packaged system. TvWallMounting offers you the most professional in-wall speaker process, which is tailored to provide you the excellent image and sound quality.

in-wall speaker installation

  • Determining the Correct Spot аnd Eԛuiрmеnt For Speakers

We are not only offering you a simple in-ceiling and in-wall speaker installation services, but we also provide you with the best options to consider during the setup process.

We first begin to consult you regarding the project you have in your mind, to determine everything about your theatre, since options may differ depending on whether if you are looking for upgrading your current home theatre room or utilize a TV or projector and screen combination.

We can also help you to figure out which room would be the best choice for your newly installed system if you are just moving into a new home or your house is in the construction process.

The offered room and location may differ based on certain factors, such as ambient light, insulation of sound, and reduction of external noises.

Following your preference of location, where your theatre is going to be installed, our team will help with choices like seating, screens, and which kinds of speakers you should prefer.

For example, a darker screen would be the best option to prevent ambient lighting, if your media room has many windows. In addition, if you want the speakers to be hidden, we can install in-wall and in-ceiling speakers which will provide surround sound.

  • Properly Optimizing All Installations

There is no need to worry about cluttering your home with cables when the installation process is done by our professional team. We pay special attention to retain аеѕthеtiсѕ of your home.

To get the best experience from your in-wall installed speakers, we will show you exactly where each speaker should be mounted. In a traditional or Dolby Atmos-enabled audio system, you would only need to figure out the right placement.

However, based on the architecture of your room, we will determine specific angles to prevent the sound from bouncing off hard surfaces. Furthermore, to make your wall and ceiling to absorb the sound our experts can also suggest you to install additional acoustic panels.

  • Have Full Control оf Yоur Sрасе

In addition, you can also have more control of your environment with an upgraded control experience, which allows you not only to have control over your entertainment but also on the lights and climate as well.

Some customers want to have their home theatre to be the part of their hоmе automation ѕуѕtеm, which allows them to create a scene that immediately adjusts according to your favorite settings.

With the services provided by the GTA Wall Mounting team, you will witness the difference in customer satisfaction and high-quality in-ceiling and in-wall speaker installation.

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