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If you want to know how to fix your TV onto the stud and dry-lined plasterboard walls, then please keep reading. In the following post, we will discuss and give you advice on how to mount a tv on a plaster wall without studs. Well, then. Let get some advice and suggestions from the GTA TV Wall Mounting By North Team. 

How To Mount A Tv On A Plaster Wall Without Studs

Mounting Tv On Plasterboard

We had already talked about mounting a tv on the wall without studs, in of our previous posts. However, this time we will see how to do it properly on a plaster wall when you don’t have studs. 

First of all, we suggest using a metal finder to spot any cables or tubing before beginning any drilling and preparing your tools.

We also suggest that a risk assessment be carried out, particularly if you do the job for someone else.

Mount A Tv On A Plaster Wall Without Studs

Let’s all begin with a confirmation that it is possible to install your TV on the stud and dry plasterboard walls. You have just to do it properly.

You just need to try those basic installations and try and create strategies to make sure your television is safe on the wall.

In reality, in the past, it was much harder to do this. However, since newly manufactured televisions have a lighter weight, you’re not going to have to think about it much.

For you to be successful in this plasterboard tv mount installation, You have to find a stable foundation first. One that will totally carry your TV’s weight. Therefore, you might want to use a decent quality bracket.

However, you should also note that not all plasterboards come the same. In general, you can find two types of them in the market.

  • Plasterboards that are screwed into the wooden studs
  • Plasterboard that glued to the brickwork with an adhesive

Depending on which one you choose, you can use different methods to mount your TV.

You only have little options for the plasterboard walls which were built onto the wooden pads. You should just aim at the studs and toss them straight in. The challenge is to find them and to see if they really are at the right location for the TV.

You can just look for the studs and screw it directly into them. The problem is finding them and whether they are actually in the right place for where you want the TV. If this means that the TV must be installed in another spot, it is not good to locate and attach it to the stud.

Mounting Tv On Plaster Wall

Cutting a tiny part of the plasterboard is a technique that can be employed here. This is going to be covered behind the TV and inside it will poke something like a rod. 

You can measure it to find out the stud positions. You can later go on screwing them directly into these.

Along with screwing in the studs, you should also try another strategy or a mix. In the drilled holes in your plasterboard walls, you will get your brackets placed.

You will then insert wall anchors that will then extend with the location not too close to that of spider legs behind the wall.

Many have indicated that for any anchor, high-quality variants of this sort can be estimated at 25 kg, but it would also be smart of you not to force this to the absolute top.

Fixings For Tv Bracket On Plasterboard

Currently, on the market, there are several various styles of plasterboard fixings. You may choose to cut a section out of the plasterboard wall and insert a section of plywood into it if your TV itself is quite heavy or on a foldable arm, which is set between the studs. This will allow you to have a reliable place where you can screw it in comfortably.

On the other hand, with dry-lined plasterboard walls, you should simply classify which portion of your wall you believe is strong enough for you to install your TV.

However, you would need to use longer screws or coach bolts so you can guarantee protection. Then you have to fix it behind the TV in the brickwork, ensuring that the distance is not particularly large between the brickwork and the plasterboard.

Now, since you already learned some tricks for tv wall mount plasterboard, you safely mount your TV onto the wall.

However, if you still think that mounting tv on a plaster wall without studs sounds too difficult, please do not hesitate to contact us to get a free quote and as well as professional wall mount tv installation service.

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