Looking for easy instruction on how to remove the TV from wall mount in RV? Then look no further, since we will discuss the simple methods to unlock RV TV from cabinet or wall.

So, how to remove the TV from wall mount in RV?

remove TV from wall mount in RV

In general, the procedure is quite simple, and all you need is to have the required equipment present and follow the steps below:

  • Find out whether the Television is mounted with only screws or using any other hardware
  • Have the proper tools present in order to remove the screws
  • Disconnected all chords and wires
  • Remove the cabinet that was used to hold the TV

Once you decide on a mission like it there is a lot to digest. We’ve got all the information to get the task done so keep going!

Equipment and tools you will need during the process:

Until you begin removing the RV TV, take a glance at the recommended list of equipment to make clear you’re ready to complete the job. You may also want to ask help from a friend to hold the television while you remove it.

  • A Screwdriver
  • An adjustable wrench
  • A drill
  • An adjustable wrench
  • A flashlight

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Removing The Old TV From The Cabinet

Many RV’s tend to come with TV sets fitted into a cabinet. This is up to you if you want to retain the cabinet with a new television or substitute it with a new one. Anyway, the first step to get started the work is to get rid of an old TV.

Many cabinets have been crafted for quick removal of television. If you have one of those RV’s, check for a release bar or chain which is probably placed along the bottom of the cabinet and give it a quick lift. Well, it’s done!

Some of us, however, are not so fortunate. Therefore, prepare to unscrew your old TV from the mount.

It may not well be possible to locate any brackets and screws at first sight. Wood or paneling also hides the brackets that would have to be cut to replace the old television. When you can not find any screws, try either by hand or with a screwdriver to pry back the bottom of the paneling. This will uncover the screws inside the cabinet that carry the TV.

Dismounting The TV

Most of the time TV’s are mounted to the cabinet by four screws that fitted on the corners. You should feel those screws by checking with your hard. If you, however, can not locate them, you can use a mirror and a flashlight to have a look in the cabinet.

If you can not locate them already, try to shake the Tv lightly with both hands to see how you can see where it wiggles. Screws are the wiggle points.

After you locate your screws, remember that they should be around 8 inches, so get prepared for some intense screw driving and see if you have a safe pair of hands whenever the large TV begins loosening.

Consider taking a screwdriver head and turn it with an adjustable wrench if the screws are in a small position where you can’t reach comfortably, which will give you more versatility in narrow areas.

When you have detached the TV, lower it slowly, away from the wall, to uncover the cables behind it. Get someone to hold it tightly as you reach back and pull on those cords

Cabinet Removal

If your cabinet is old you should uninstall it completely and install a new TV in its place. You can even insert a board over it if you no longer want a TV there. The cabinet can be removed from the same method you detached the TV.

Check closely with all the cabinet screws at the back and sides. When you’re unable to locate a screw, look for paneling that could cover the hardware and try to pull it off with a screwdriver.

After removing all of the screws, based on how this is assembled, the cabinet can come loose either in parts or as a whole.


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