Many people prefer installing their TV screens on the wall, which is safer and more convenient. When it comes to mounting your TV on the wall, the very first thing you need to choose is a QUALITY tv wall mount with a shelf. With that being said, let us just now take a look at the top 5 best shelf TV mounts that you can find on the market.

A TV mount will open up some space and significantly lower the likelihood that anyone will knock down your TV. In order to avoid the disasters of it falling off the wall, it is vital that you use the right equipment, and methods to install your TV.

You will save a lot of space by hanging your TV on the wall, so they are ideal for space efficiency in any home. By designing a stylish and uncluttered look, placing your TV on the wall will make any room look amazing.

Things To Consider When You Choose Flat Screen Tv Wall Mounts With Shelf

  • VESA Size

At the back of every single TV, nearly all TVs either have a rectangular or a square mounting design. The VESA mounting pattern is the name of this standard shape. Through reviewing the manual, make sure that your TV is VESA compatible. Choose a TV mount that fits for Non-VESA compatible mounts if it is not VESA compliant.’

  • Size Of The TV Mount

This is yet another major element to remember. The size of the tv mount can depend on the size of the TV. They are marketed in small, modest, wide, and extra-large sizes. Certain mounts come in sizes consistent with different television sizes.

  • The Weight Of The TV

Make sure that your TV mount can handle the weight of the TV. This will help you to avoid any risks of TV falling off the wall in the future.

  • TV Room Position

Your choice is also important when it comes to the position of the TV and the viewing distance. It is not recommended to have a TV mounted very close to where you sit. Also, having a TV placed very far will prevent you from enjoying a premier viewing experience.

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Best 5 TV Wall Mount With Shelf


  1. Mounting Dream (MD2413-KT Full Motion TV Wall Mount and DVD Floating Shelf)

This one has 2 shelves and it can handle 22lbs per shelf (max). You can safely keep all your media components in the shelves, considering you do not exceed the recommended weight load.

In addition, it is ideal for TVs between 26 and 55 inches and can handle up to 60 pounds. This TV mount is entirely usable and can rotate +5 °/-15 ° Tilt and +/-90 ° Swivel plus +/-5 ° for the maximum experience of TV watching. It also allows the wall to have a low seating profile of 2.9″ and can be stretched up to 19.4. Last but not least, it also facilitates superb cable control that leads to a cleaner look.

TV Wall Mount With Shelf

Extra Features

The product comes with 4 holes which makes it easier to accommodate different heights of equipment since you will be able to adjust the shelves.


  1. OmniMount (ECSB Component Shelf Wall Shelf for TVs and Video Accessories)

This TV mount allows you to create a sleek and modern look in your house. Thanks to the provided shelf that you can use to maintain your TV components and a wall plate that allows you to hide bolts and cables to get a mess-free area.

Furthermore, this TV mount has a steering arm that helps you to turn the side of the TV side by side to get a clearer view of the display. Setting up is quite easy, thanks to the hardware package and easy-to-follow user manual.

Extra Features

It comes in black and clear glass and can handle up to 30 pounds of load.


  1. Fleximounts (Arm 32-60 inch TV LCD Monitor Wall Mount)

This one is made to easily fit TV sizes of 32 to 60 inches. It can carry a full weight of 246 lbs effortlessly. One of the advantages of this TV mount is that, if you want to get a better view and reduce light from the TV, you can tilt the TV between -2 ° and +12 °.

In addition, this TV mount is made from high-quality cold roll steel that is extremely durable, so it is strong and will support you for a looooong period.

Extra Features

It contains a sleek layout of cable management that helps organize and covers every dangling cable, offering the space a clutter-free look.


  1. AFV (ESL422B-T Tilt and Turn TV Mount with 2 AV Shelves)

This AFV TV mount will tilt and transform your TV comfortably so that the optimal viewing angle is obtained. The tilting properties also effectively reduce glare. Furthermore, this TV mount will rotate up to 24 degrees.

In comparison, it comes with a shelf of components supporting up to 22 pounds of AV components. Yellow tabs labeled “Easy-click” allow for safe setup. This mount comes with equipment and an assembly stud.

TV Wall Mount With Shelf

Extra Features

The central column hides cables and allows shelf height changes.

  1. Mount World (1095-31 Tilt Swivel Corner Wall Mount with Bundle Single Glass Shelf)

This TV mount enables a swivel of 180 degrees, tilts of 20 degrees up or down, and an extension of 16 inc. This all makes it easier for you to get a clearer view of your monitor.

The single glass shelf, included in the kit, fits comfortably under your display and offers space that can be used to maintain your media components such as a DVD player, game console, and stereo equipment. It is appropriate for TVs ranging from 26 to 32 inches and with products like Samsung, Sanyo, Panasonic, LG, and many more.

Extra Features

It can handle a weight capacity of 30lbs overall. It is made of 100% high-grade steel and therefore is safe and reliable.

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