For many people, watching TV lying on the bed is more relaxing than sitting on a couch. If you’re not spending enough time in your living room, then you can opt to install the TV in your bedroom.

Below, you will find the best bedroom Tv Ideas

We’ve gathered some of our favorite bedroom design ideas for integrating a television into your space. Get ready to learn our finest ideas and techniques for creating a TV-in-the-bedroom.

Place it according to the layout of your room

Start by considering the location of your TV and how it will fit into the general layout of your area when creating a bedroom with a TV.

Position The Television Directly Across From Your Bed

Placing your television right across from your bed is a basic and easy option. This allows for simple vision and clear sightlines. You may also place it above or on top of your dresser or another piece of low-profile furniture.

Because you don’t want your TV to be too far away from your bed, this is a suitable choice for compact rooms. It’s also ideal for people who prefer a clear and uninterrupted view of the television.

Bedroom Tv Ideas

Place Your Television Perpendicular To Your Bed

Because your room has a lot of windows or not a lot of accessible wall space, not all bedrooms can support a TV being right across from the end of your bed. In such situations, we recommend aligning your tv with your bed.

This is a wonderful choice for people who prefer to have the TV on in the background—for example, while getting ready—or who don’t usually watch it from bed. However, it is not at such an odd angle that you couldn’t watch a program while lying in bed. This TV location also prevents it from becoming the main point of the room.

Place Your Television In A Nook

Is there another design option? Put your TV in a nook in your bedroom. Maybe you have a one-of-a-kind (read: difficult) architectural feature that you don’t know what to do with. Install a television! You may even feel tempted to make a nook by removing the doors from a closet and converting it to a multipurpose area! In any case, putting a TV in a nook enables you to make a nice little set-up for your TV while also allowing you to hang curtains to conceal it when it’s not in use!

This results in a practical and attractive TV area with plenty of storage space. The greatest aspect is that everything is tucked away in a wall inlet rather than being out in the open. This is ideal for tiny flats or oddly shaped areas when there isn’t enough space for a TV. You may be able to view the television from your bed, depending on where the nook is placed. However, if you don’t have a little sitting space outside the nook, you may want to consider doing such!

Mount Your Television Over Your Dresser

For bedrooms that need multipurpose qualities, installing a TV above your dresser is ideal. You get enjoyment and utility in one by integrating the TV into your dressing area. Just make sure the TV is high enough above the dresser so that decorative items don’t block your view of it—or, as we did in the last room, put taller furniture or plants out to the side. This is a fantastic choice for those who live in small areas and want a clear view of their TV.

Put Your Television In A Cabinet

Don’t want to stare at your TV in your bedroom while you’re not viewing it? Put it away in a TV cabinet or armoire! This gives the impression that there are no gadgets in the bedroom, which produces a clean aesthetic. The concept of combining a cabinet with a sitting space appeals to us. This not only provides a place for discussion or reading when you are not watching TV, but it also allows you to watch TV from this sitting area instead of your bed.

This is an excellent choice for big bedrooms. Because a cabinet like this is a bigger piece of furniture, you’ll want to be sure you have the capacity to house it.

Include Your Television In A Mixed-Media Gallery Wall

If you don’t really want your bedroom TV to be the center of attention, include it in a mixed media gallery wall. We put the TV, an art picture, and a mirror in the room above for a dynamic and creative arrangement. Hang your gallery wall over a cabinet, dresser, or seat to support the arrangement.

Because this is a more off-beat design, it’s ideal for quirky settings. However, it’s also ideal for tiny areas when wall hangings are restricted and you want to combine the utility of a mirror, the entertainment value of a TV, and the pleasure of artwork all in one compact space!

Mount Your TV On The Wall Over Your Desk

Adding more function to a home office that is already crammed into a bedroom may seem insurmountable. But don’t worry—just because you’re short on space doesn’t mean you can’t have a TV in your bedroom! Simply place your TV on top of your desk (which you can then also use as a media cabinet). Rather than a laptop, do you have a big monitor? Instead, use it as a television! Alternatively, connect your laptop to your TV to create a large-format second screen.

We adore this choice for individuals who work from home in a tiny area or studio apartment but still want to relax with a favorite program at night. This alternative takes up no more room, and you get a straight-on, uninterrupted view of your TV when lying in bed if you choose the arrangement above.

Place Your Television In A Cabinet On The Wall

If you want to hide your TV while it’s not in use but don’t have the room for a big armoire, try putting it inside a wall cabinet. A cupboard seems to be simply ornamental in the room above, yet it opens to expose your television! You’ll have a sleek, polished appearance without any cables or a media stand. It’s also a flexible choice since it can be anchored to the wall and put anywhere in the room!

This is another excellent option for people who do not want to be exposed to electrical devices. Note that hanging a cabinet is a more permanent option since you must attach it to the wall and place your TV inside. So, for people who prefer to reorganize on a frequent basis, this isn’t the greatest choice!

Small Bedroom Tv Ideas

Televisions are becoming an essential part of every house, and our bedroom is one of the finest places to show them. You all have various room sizes, which makes finding the ideal TV display device even more challenging. If you’re searching for some excellent layout design ideas, we’ve compiled a list of 20 ideas for you.

Put It On The Wall

By using mirrors to cover the back wall of the TV, you will not only be able to make the unit seem more contemporary, but you will also be able to reflect light into all corners of the room.

Use Fiber Panels

If you’re looking for a long-lasting material for your Television wall, multicolored fiber panels are the way to just go.

Make Your Television Unit Elegant

If you have a large room that you want to divide into various areas for different reasons, a similar-looking expensive TV unit may be a great option.

Use Wooden TV Stand

Some other excellent method to divide your room while still having a nice-looking TV unit is to build a wooden shelf divider like the one seen in the image.

Place Your Tv In The Corner

If you’re in a long and narrow bedroom, putting your TV in the corner of the smaller wall may be a fantastic method to ensure that it is seen from every angle.

Consdier Central TV cabinet

Designing a comparable appearing tall central TV cabinet may be worth a try for those of you who want to have some kind of barrier between your bedroom entrance and sleeping space.

Put Your TV On A Cupboard

If you don’t have a lot of space in your room but still want to include tv, mounting it on the closet door is a great option.

Design It On The Wall

If you want to put a television in your child’s room, the easiest way to accomplish it is to create a stylish TV wall like the one seen in the image.

Try a Custom Choice

It is not necessary to purchase a pre-assembled TV set. Instead, you may make your own based on the space you have in your bedroom.

Mount TV in a Closet

When you don’t want your Television to be seen in the room, try putting it inside a cabinet.

Ideal TV size for the bedroom

Normally this appears to exceed 32′′ when we purchase a television for our bedroom. It’s natural since we realize that our head would be farther away from the screen while lying in our bed which could lead us to lose details in smaller sizes.

Note that when we speak about the inches of tv, we refer to the vertical width that the TV has without measuring the borders outside the monitor.

When we eventually want to buy a more portable TV, we can get a flexible bracket that helps us to adjust its position when we need it to switch it.

Ideal TV size for the bedroom


The location is fundamental

Initially, you should mount your  TV in the bedroom near an outlet. Lying on your bed, you can see where you can place your head without causing a problem. If any position is not convenient or gives us discomfort, we would rule out mounting the TV in that direction automatically.

you should mount your  TV in the bedroom


Compare the TV to a work of art

Television is indeed a piece of art for many people, but that is not what we say. When you choose the location for the installation, consider where a large painting would be hanging. Keep in mind that when it comes to a TV, height is not a determining factor, because we can buy a rotating bracket to turn the screen moderately.


The eyes’ height is not so important in the bedroom

The center of a TV will generally still be at the same level as our eyes, that ensures a perpendicular television view. It might be a concern in a bedroom though, because it would be very low on the wall, bothering to locate the furniture, among other items.

The eyes’ height is not so important in the bedroom


Ideal Viewing Distance

When you want to get the maximum advantage of the size of our TV, some space will be required between us and the monitor. This may rely on the screen’s size in inches.

There is a method that helps to measure the average distance (in inches) at which we will split to watch television. In order to get a reference distance, we simply need to divide the horizontal of the television in 0.55For instance, the distance to divide would be 76 inches for a 42 “display.

How High Should A Tv Be?           

A 42-inch tv should be placed approximately 56 inches from the floor to the TV center, a 55-inch television should be around 61 inches, a 65-inch television should be around 65 inches from the floor to the center, and a 70-inch tv should be around 67 inches from the floor to the center.

Ideal Viewing Distance bedroom tv


Adequate Lighting

Not only is it crucial how high you are installing your TV in the bedroom, but you must also consider the lighting of your room. The overwhelming majority of viewers tend to watch tv in the dark but it definitely isn’t as easy as it sounds.

When you watch TV in the dark, it induces significant visual exhaustion which, by keeping you awake, affects your sleeping patterns. This is why you ought to keep dim lighting while you watch the tv. A few lamps can fix the issue: one by the TV, and another one placed near you to relieve stress.

how high you are installing your TV in the bedroom


Get the best sound

Because you will lay down most of the time, the sound from the TV mounted in your bedroom needs to have to travel further. Therefore, you’ll end up increasing the volume levels, which is going to be distracting.

Also, the problem gets worsens when you share your bed too, causing your friend to listen to TV. Those problems can be overcome in two ways:

With a surround sound system: We may position them nearer to us by getting external speakers which prevents us from increasing the volume. Alternatively, by putting the speakers on both sides you can provide improved stereo audio.

With wireless headphones: When you don’t want to interrupt others, simply attach wireless headphones to your television. You can cherish all of the audio this way without distressing others.

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