When you think about mounting your TV on a wall, the first thing you may be thinking where to put a scable box for wall mounted tv or for short: how to hide cables? Sometimes, when people install their TV on the wall, they simply leave all those cables lay on the wall which really looks like a mess of wires hanging down.

Before we get proceed any further, we highly recommend you get a fully articulating wall mount for installation of your TV.

where to put cable box for wall mounted tv

So, where to put the cable box for wall mounted tv?

  • Gather the required toolset

You will need the following tools in order to hide the cables successfully and place the cable box for wall mounted TV:

For hiding a cable box for a TV that is mounted on the wall you will need:

  1. A driller with 3/6″ drill
  2. Stud finder
  3. Level
  4. Phillips-head screwdriver
  5. Pencil
  6. A cable box for a wall-mounted TV

Many people place their power outlet behind the TV when they come up with an idea to mount. Although this is a great idea, others utilize cord overs to bring the wiring down to the closest power outlet which also results in a clean looking design.

·      Locate the location for the mount

Before starting to drill, you need to ensure to leave enough space for all the wires. Discs from all devices must be removed before marking the holes with a level. Continue with removing the TV.

Before mounting a cable box we encourage you to get the cable box tested for its remote function. It can be easily tested. All you need is to put the cable box behind the TV and ask a friend to change channels.

·      Check for studs

You can mount one side into a stud if it is possible. Make sure no to drill a pilot hole when you mount the stud.

For creating holes into a stud you need to use a mounting screw since the 3/16″ drill bit seems too large.

You can, however, use a 3/16″ drill bit to make holes into drywall. You can catch a collect any debris by holding a damp paper towel against the wall you are working by placing a paper just a few inches below.

For making a pilot hole you can utilize the mounting screw, and then insert the drywall anchors.

· Lineup and tidy cords

You can use screws to tighten the mount and hand it secure to prevent any damage. Continue sliding components into the mount. After connecting and tidying all wires in place you are good to go!

Hard to follow the instructions? Just check this simple video guide:

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